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Clogged drain

This is a common problem both at home and in business premises. Drains in good condition usually empty fixtures in a matter of seconds. If you notice something contrary to this then you should call a professional plumber to fix the problem for you.

If you realize that fluids are taking longer than usual to drain, then there is a problem with your drain. Pipe Doctor is here to address all those issues concerning clogged drain. It is usually advisable to seek help at early stages to save time and money.

How will you know you have a clogged drain?

Apart from fluids, taking longer to disappear from your fittings, there are other things to look out for;
  • You might hear the drain, making some babbling noise which is unusual for a drain in a perfect condition.
  • A clogged drain is characterized by the pooling of water around the drain before leaving.
  • You can also notice that your kitchen sink is stinking.

These are warning signs that something is wrong with your drain. You can either call our professional plumbers or you can fix it yourself if you can.

Diagram of plumbing in a house

Fix it yourself

If you are good at do it yourself activities, then here are a few tips you can use to solve a clogged drain:

Warning ! practices mentioned below if not done right could case major problems. Try it at your own discreation

  • Use a plunger to dive the drain to remove the obstacle.
  • Apply a flange plunger in case of clogged toilets.
  • Use a bent wire to manually pull out the clog.


If the above tips do not work, then contact our experienced plumbers to help you out.

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